A treasured mountain retreat

in the heart of Western North Carolina

Since the early 1900s—when a group of visionary gentleman from the South Carolina low-country founded Highland Lake Club—the land that now comprises Highland Lake Inn & Resort has been attracting visitors looking for rest, relaxation and recreation. Perhaps no other destination in Western North Carolina combines an authentic mountain experience with such an array of amenities and services. The marriage of a picturesque setting with contemporary luxury conveniences comes together harmoniously at Highland Lake Inn & Resort.

And your options here are as unlimited and open as the Carolina sky. Each season offers guests something special, something unique, that beckons exploration. Our guests enjoy full access to our on-site amenities that will satisfy or exceed the expectations your family, group, or significant other. We pride ourselves on a unique brand of service—that’s both anticipatory and responsive—to make sure you and your company enjoy everything we have to offer.

"Going to the mountains is going home."

- John Muir

A Coveted Destination

Attracting visitors for generations.

Western North Carolina has a rich, storied history that has attracted countless visitors over the years with its majestic mountain ranges, natural lakes, crisp mountain air, free-flowing streams, and unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation. At the turn of the 20th Century, the region was a summer playground for the rich and famous, who saw the Western North Carolina mountains as a welcomed escape from the heat and hustle of city life. Today, these same hills beckon travelers the year round, offering a dynamic mountain experience that combines pristine natural beauty with big city amenities. Offering so much to so many, it’s no wonder that Western North Carolina has emerged as one the country’s premier vacation and retirement destinations.

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